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Nhieu Warner | eXp Realty

Nhieu Warner | eXp Realty

Find out why other realtors have requested Nhieu represent them as their realtor. She provides 24/7 service, sometimes helping a client at 2am in the morning. She is a top negotiator due to her background in psychology, real estate investing since 2003 and education. She’s been in the SF Bay Area since 1981 and graduated from UC Berkeley with Honors at 19. She currently resides in Burlingame with her family. She covers certain cities she knows well within these counties: San Mateo, Santa Clara, SF, Marin, Contra Costa and Alameda.


We weren’t planning on buying a home because the market is very competitive in the Bay Area and we’re pretty happy with our low rent in our SSF rental with a great landlord. We didn’t think it would be possible to get all the things we wanted in a place within the budget that we needed to stay under. We were looking for a relatively new construction to avoid costly repairs. It needed to be min 3/2 with parking for 2 cars for our family to expand into. The list goes on so we were pleasantly surpr…
Tracy D.